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Library Information and Policies: Booking Films - Faculty only

Subject Guide

Sandy O'Hare

What is booking?

“Booking a film” means requesting that the library’s Circulation/Reserve staff set aside a film for you to use in the classroom at a specific time.  This allows us to facilitate planning for classroom viewing of films, especially high demand films.  Booking a film will also be useful in avoiding conflicts between classroom use and student viewing of a film outside of class.

How is this different from Reserve?

This is not the same as “putting a film on reserve” for students to view, which may be done through the regular Course Reserves process.  Films can be borrowed for up to three days by both faculty and students, so putting a film on reserve will ensure its availability for your students to view because it will then be limited to library use only. 

To place a film on reserve, you may either stop by the Circulation Desk in the Arnold Bernhard Library or use the online form located on the bottom of the main library page in the area marked "Services - Faculty".

How long will the library hold a booked film?

We will hold a booked hourly film for 15 minutes beyond the start time of the booking before allowing other users to check it out.  One day films will be held for two hours.

Who Can Book?

Only faculty may book films. 

How long can a film be booked for?

Films on reserve or in high demand are booked by the hour.

All other films are booked by the day.  If there are no scheduling conflicts, we can extend the booking time.

General Guidelines

You may book as many films as you need for the semester, and book the same film as many times as you need it during the semester.

Film bookings are first come first served and are kept strictly confidential.

If you will not need a film that you previously booked, please contact the Circulation/Reserve staff so that we can make the film available to others.  Repeated failure to pick up or return booked films on time will result in suspension of booking privileges for the academic year. 


The availability of a booked film depends on the previous user returning it on time.  We will make several attempts to contact the previous user, but we cannot physically retrieve overdue films.  Therefore booking a film is NOT a 100% guarantee that it will be available when requested.

How do I book a film?

1.  The easiest way to book a film is to stop by the Circulation Desk and ask for a booking form.    

2.  You can now also book films online.   From the main library page, click in the left column under Services - Faculty to locate the online form.

3.  The third option is to click here and be directed to the online form.

 4.  Finally, you can send an e-mail to  Please remember to include the following information:  


Course number



Phone number

Film Title:

DVD or VHS number

Pick-up Date(s)

Pick-Up Time(s)

Return Date(s)

Return Time(s)


Campus material will be needed at 



Feel free to call the Circulation Desk at (203) 582-8634 with any questions.