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Thesis Guidelines for Inclusion in the Arnold Bernhard Library: Thesis Home

Thesis/Professional Project Submission Starters

Welcome to the Thesis and Professional Project Submission Guidelines Research Guide. Consult this guide for information on:

Required Forms

  • Print and fill out the ABL Thesis Distribution Form for your bound copies.
  • Review, print, complete, SIGN and DATE  the ProQuest Publishing Agreement  for your electronic copy.
    1. Please choose your publishing option: Traditional (no charge to the student) or Open access ($100 additional charge to student) 
    2. Determine copyright needs($55 additional charge to student).

Most students choose traditional publishing and do not copyright their thesis.

Please consult with your department chair for departmental guidelines regarding the restriction of your thesis or professional project.

If you wish to prevent your thesis from ever being sold or made available electronically, please write: "NOT FOR SALE" above your signature on the publishing agreement. 

  • If you have any questions: please ask - we will be happy to help! 

Print Thesis Binding Guidelines

  • The Arnold Bernhard Library (ABL) requires one copy of your thesis/professional project; this copy will be bound, cataloged and shelved within the Library’s Theses Collection.  We suggest using paper chosen for its permanence and durability. This paper should be be acid‑neutral/acid-free, watermarked, at least 20-lb. weight, and contain at least 25% cotton.
  • All thesis copies should be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Margins should be 1" on all sides to accomodate binding. Your thesis should be double spaced and is suggested to be a 12 point type. Suggested fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica and Century Gothic.  Pages must be printed single sided only. For more style suggestions, please see the Preparing your PDF file and Thesis Arrangement top tabs.
  •  EACH print copy for the bindery must have a signed advisors' signature page.  All signature pages must be signed prior to submitting your thesis/project.
  • The Arnold Bernhard Library will bind one copy of your thesis for our collection with no bindery charge to you. Any additional copies to be bound are $17.00 each, payable by check or cash only (NO credit cards or Q-Cash) at the time of submission. Checks should be made payable to Quinnipiac University. (Some departments cover the cost of additional bound copies, please check with your department regarding payment before submitting your thesis/professional project.)

Electronic Thesis Guidelines for Submission

Time to Submit Your Thesis/Professional Project!

Schedule an Appointment at ABL:

  • Please contact June DeGennaro to schedule a time to drop off your thesis.  We will verify the receipt of all the necessary paperwork to proceed with the binding and electronic submission of your thesis to ProQuest.

 Submitting the Electronic File:

How Long Before My Thesis is Available?

  • Once you submit your thesis/professional project to ABL, the bindery process takes about 6-10 weeks. When ABL receives your bound copies from the bindery, we will distribute the copies as instructed on your ABL Thesis distribution form.  
  • The electronic copy of your thesis/professional project will be available on the QU Thesis Database approximately 2 - 6 months after submission. Typically, ABL sends a group of theses/professional projects for electronic publication to ProQuest twice a year.

Subject Guide

June DeGennaro